Web Design

The cornerstone of Level One Web Designs’ business. We take great pride in making websites that are custom-fit for each of our clients and their needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to any website’s design, usability, functionality or otherwise.

WordPress Emergency Support

We understand that when things go wrong on your site, it is an emergency and has to be fixed as soon as is possible. We know that when catastrophe strikes, you need someone reliable to sort it out without delay. We are experienced WordPress developers, and we know how to deal with every kind of emergency that could strike your site.

Custom WordPress Websites

World Wide Web Technology Surveys (W3Techs) announces that a recent survey of websites has shown that WordPress, the popular open source publishing platform, is being used in over 25 percent of all websites. That’s not just 25 percent of all those using a service but all websites. It is the single most used platform on the web by a long-shot. Why? It’s super powerful, flexible and among the easiest for clients to learn to manage. Many people still think if WordPress as a blogging system, which is in fact where it’s roots are, but over the years, it has become so much more. It’s actually a great Content Management System (CMS) now. Thanks to a devoted core team and one of the largest Open Source communities on the web.


Whether your selling one item or hundreds, having a good e-commerce platform can make all the difference in the world. We use a couple of different platforms for e-commerce depending on your specific needs to help you make more money with your online store.

Content Management System Development

While WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System in the world, it’s certainly not the only one. There are occasions when another platform may make more sense for your particular project. Expression Engine is a real “up and comer” in the CMS world. If it looks like your project may be beyond the scope of what can be accomplished with WordPress, we may recommend this highly flexible Content Management System.

Landing Page Websites

Landing pages are typically made to help both track promotions as well as target users to a specific service or product. If you’re trying to run a very specific special in an advertisement that you’re running, it doesn’t make sense to send the client to your sites home page. They’ve already clicked on a banner or link that means that they’re interested. Why not have a special page set-up for them to provide further information or order straight away? Don’t make the client navigate through your entire site to find the thing that they already followed a banner to look for. The more clicks they have to make, the more likely, they’ll simply abandon it.

Website Maintenance Services

Many companies don’t have the need or budget for an internal web developer. Generally, companies need a little work done here and there to maintain their website. Perhaps update some of the site content, images, or add a page here and there. Sometimes updates need to be made to keep a shopping cart or CMS up to date and secure. We have maintenance contracts available so that when these types of occasions arrive, all you need to do is send us and email or call us and we’ll take care of your needs for you.

Online Banner Ads

Our skilled designers have made hundreds of banners that meet the measurement guidelines of the IAB. Of course not everyone needs to use network-wide specific sizing for their banners, so we can make literally any size and shape you need for your project.