About the Quick Start Development Process

This page explains the process of creating your new Quick Start Standard or Quick Start Online Store website.

To offer this low start-up price and quick turn-around, Level One needs all website content upon starting your new website.  If there is any website text that you decide to change during development or will need to be updated soon after launch you can easily update the site text using the administration area once the site is complete.

Upon purchasing your Quick Start Standard or Quick Start Online Store we will email you a link to enter and submit your website content in an easy to use form. You will have form fields to submit your page titles, page text, company logo, web page images and product information if you are purchasing the Quick Start Online Store.

Steps in the Quick Start web development:

  1. Initial meeting to discuss your new website. This meeting can be in person at our office in downtown Sonora, by phone or if needed by email. Once we have agreed to move forward with the web site payment will be made in full since the turn-around on this website will be around 5 to 7 business days.
  2. Needed logins for web hosting server access will be needed for Level One to create a new database on your server and access the webserver’s files by FTP. All we should need is the login and password for your web hosting. If you do not currently have web hosting and a domain name we have listed a few web hosting providers below. Level One will be here to answer any questions you have about acquiring a domain name and getting your new web hosting setup.
  3. Submit all website content using Level One’s Quick Start content form.
    1. Website Logins
      Provide the website login for your web hosting control panel.
    2. Website overview
      Please provide us with an overview of the website, colors you wish to use and who your target customer is.
    3. Website Text
      We recommend first writing all website content separated by page titles in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or another word processing program. This will speed up the process of filling out the content form and will give you a backup of the website text.
    4. Website Images
      You will also need to prepare the images to be used in the website at this time.
    5. Online Store Products
      If you are getting the Quick Start Online Store you will need to submit information for each product such as:

      • Product Name
      • Product Number
      • Product Description
      • Product Price
      • 2 product images (more can be added later)
      • Initial quantity of each product so that you can manage stock on hand and not over sell a particular product. For example; if you have 5 sweaters on hand the quantity will be reduced for each sale. When you are down to 1 sweater left the system will send you a low quantity notification letting you know you are about to run out.
      • Add-on USPS or UPS Shipping – If you are choosing to get the real-time rates add-on please provide us with each product’s dimensions & weight.
  4. Website Review. Level One will block your in-development website from general website traffic and search engines during it’s construction. Once the majority of website content is supplied to Level One and we have had 4 to 5 business days to work on the site Level One will provide you with a link to login to the website and view the viewer facing front side of the site as well as giving access to see the administration area.
    At this time you can submit any design changes or other corrections to Level One. We will make needed changes and then ask for a second review.
  5. Optimization of the website. Once the website is approved to go live Level One will start to optimize your website for speed and for search engines. Note that search engine ranking is primarily based on website text and we will provide you with best practices which should be taken into consideration while writing your site text and naming pages.
  6. Going live with your new website. Once your website is complete and optimized Level One will go live with your website by turning off the software that blocked it during development. Level One will also submit your site’s sitemap file to the major search engines letting them now to start indexing your site into their search results.