Level One Quick Start FAQs

Quick Start Standard

I don’t live anywhere near Level One’s offices, can I still order the Quick Start packages?

Yes you can. Many of Level One’s customers are actually outside of our area. Between a few phone calls and emails we can gather all of the information needed to create your new website.

Where can I host my Quick Start website?

The beauty of a Level One Quick Start website is that it can be hosted anywhere. This is a major advantage over the do-it-yourself website building platforms that lock you into their web hosting and rate increases. The Quick Start websites allow you to move your website if you find a better web hosting company or if you feel your hosting performance doesn’t meet your needs anymore. With a Level One Quick Start website YOU own your content and have control over where it is hosted.

What are the recurring costs of owning a Quick Start website?

There are no annual fees from Level One for a Level One Quick Start website, though there are recurring fees associated with web hosting, domain registration and on some add-ons, such as real-time shipping rates for Quick Start Online Stores.

What will I need to update and maintain my new website? I just have a notebook computer and no special software.

Your new website is updated and managed through a standard web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.  No special software is needed to make updates to  pages, add products or manage sales. All aspects of your site are managed through an administration area which requires a username and password.

What if I have an existing website that this new website will be replacing?

We can develop your new website in a folder in your current web hosting directory. For example if the web address for your site is www.xyz.com we will create your new website in www.xyz.com/newsite/. Once the website is complete and approved we will then move the new site out of the development folder and into the main directory of your website, replacing your old site.

I don’t have web hosting and I don’t really understand what it is.

Web hosting is essentially just storage space purchased through a web hosting provider. This storage space is where your website files and database are stored and where your domain name points to.

Why are the Quick Start packages so much less than Level One’s standard custom web development services?

Level One wanted to provide a low-cost way for small businesses and individuals to get their business, service or just general presence website online. We have streamlined the process of getting website content and limited the amount of customization to provide this service.

How long will it take to create my new Quick Start website or Quick Start Online Store website?

Quick Start packages will be completed 5 to 7 days after receiving all website hosting logins, content and images. All content must be provided before web development begins. If estimated completion date is beyond 7 business days, due to current workload or unforeseen events, Level One will inform you before starting with the current projected turnaround time.

How many pages come with my website?

Quick Start Standard – The Quick Start Standard comes with 7 pages, three of which are home page, news page (news index for articles or blog), and the contact page. Pages can be added during the development with a website add-on or after development by you. There is no limit to how many pages you can add.

Quick Start Online Store – The pages in the Quick Start Online Store are the same. Product categories and products are not considered pages. In addition to the 7 standard pages that come with the Quick Start Standard the Quick Start Online Store website also comes with a product category page to display a preview of your products and detailed product pages for each.

Does Level One provide training?

Level One will walk you through all the basics, such as editing pages, inserting images, creating new news & articles and adding products to your Online Store. Level One will also provide a WordPress how-to guide for more in-depth instructions. Level One chose the WordPress system as the foundation of the sites because it is very user friendly and makes managing your site easy. Advance training is available at an hourly rate.

Will the search engines find my new website?

Yes. Level One will submit your website to the major search engines and create a sitemap file for your website. Sitemap files are hidden files that give the address of all pages in your website to the search engines.

Level One will setup your new website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices and instruct you in general how to maintain these best practices. How you are ranked in the search engines depends on several factors, such as the texted used in your site, the naming of your pages, giving images proper Alternate Text (we will inform you how to do this).  Another key to your ranking is your competition and how well they are optimized.

Though your website will be optimized and SEO best practices will be employed in-depth search engine optimization is not included in the Quick Start packages.

How do I know how many people are visiting my new website once it’s launched?

We recommend signing up for a free Google Analytics account and then providing Level One with the code provided to you by Google. We will add this code to the website template so that each page is tracked. You can get your free Google Analytics account by clicking here.

Can my Quick Start website send newsletters?

By default the website does not offer this, though we offer 3rd party newsletter integration through our Quick Start add-ons.

The website itself does not have a newsletter system nor does Level One recommend sending a newsletter from your website or your email address.  This is because of possible blacklisting of your website or email as a spammer.  It is simply not worth the risk.  Instead, a great solution is going through a company like MailChimp.com to handle your newsletters.  Your website collects new subscribers for your newsletter and passes them on to the 3rd party newsletter company for your actual subscriber list. The actual newsletter is sent out from your account on the 3rd party newsletter company’s website.  MailChimp offers a free account for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

If you would like to integrate a MailChimp newsletter signup form and account integration into your Quick Start website please see our Quick Start website add-ons.

Quick Start Online Store

Can I offer sale pricing on products in my Quick Start Online Store?

Yes. You can easily add sale prices and also offer coupons to your customers. Coupons can be single use, unlimited use, product specific use, or a coupon end date can be set.

How to I accept payments on my Quick Start Online Store?

Payments available on your online store by default are PayPal, payment by Check, In-store Pickup. You can add payment types through secure gateways provided by your local bank such as Authorize.net, Elevon and more. Please contact Level One for details on setting up a credit card processor through your bank.  Note that accepting credit cards on your site does require an SSL certificate.  Most web hosting companies offer SSL certificates for a reasonable annual fee.

I use USPS/UPS/FedEx for my shipping. Can I get real-time shipping rates from these shippers based on customers location?

Yes you can get real-time rates for both of these shipping companies including FedEx. Please see our add-ons for pricing on offering these shipping services.

I have an older website with a few dozen products and each have product options such as color and size. Is the Quick Start Online Store a good fit for my company?

It may or may not be depending on specifics. The Quick Start Online Store is designed as a starting point for small stores or individuals. It is possible for a customer to get the Quick Start Online Store and then add on products, but complex catalogs may require extra development and features not included with the base Quick Start Online Store.  During our initial meeting in person, or by phone, we will go over your website needs to make sure the Quick Start Online Store is a good fit.

How many products can I add to my Quick Start store?

Level One enters the first 6 products for you but there is not limit to the number of products or product categories.  If you think that you may be entering more than 100 products you will want to contact Level One to optimize and streamline your website to ensure smooth operation by your customers.

Is my customer’s information safe on my Quick Start website?

Yes.  The website does not store any sensitive customer information beyond Name, Address and Email.  By default the Quick Start Online Store uses PayPal as the payment method. Final transactions are passed from your Quick Start website to PayPal for final payment. Once payment is made PayPal only sends back a successful payment confirmation to the site so that you know you’ve been paid.

If you would like to accept credit cards on your website, an SSL Certificate must be installed to ensure all information that passes from your site to your credit card processing company is encrypted. No credit card information is ever stored on your website.

Every website has the potential of malicious attack. The key to keeping a safe and secure website is to stay up on website software updates. WordPress allows an easy to use interface to keep your website plugins upgraded. Most plugin upgrades are done with just a click of the button.  From time-to-time WordPress releases upgrades to the core WordPress software. While it is possible to do this upgrade yourself there have been times in the past where it has broken items in the website’s formatting.  We recommend that you contact Level One to do upgrades to the actual WordPress core software.

Level One offers a Quick Start add-on for 1 year of website maintenance to perform all of the website updates, core upgrades and continual security scanning.