Do it Yourself Websites

Sure, there are a lot of arguments to be made for do-it-yourself website builders, but at the end of the day, they almost always fall short.

Here are some of the reason we advised against using do-it-yourself website builders

  • Using do-it-yourself website builders, doesn’t allow you to retain full control over your website. If for any reason the hosting company questions your site’s content and decides that it’s not in line with their guidelines, they can take it down.
  • Only that hosting company can host the content. If you choose to move away, you can’t easily take your content/site with you.  While most web developers and hosting companies work with WordPress.
  • Most of the designs available with do-it-yourself hosting companies are either very simple or assume that you will use high-quality, attractive images of specific aspect ratio’s as part of the design — for example, there are large image backgrounds and huge image headers. This only works if you already have such images at your disposal. If you don’t, high-quality royalty-free images have their price tags. You also need to be fairly design-conscious to take advantage of such images and be able to build your site’s final appearance based upon them.
  • The possibilities in terms of customizing your content are very limited. You have to make do with what the platform provides and can’t make many modifications of your own.
  • Commerce options typically only have one payment option.
  • The quantity of templates and extensions are extremely limited.
  • Offers less room for creativity. Beyond editing the content there’s not much else that you can do to make your website what you want it to be outside of the developer platform. Blogging capabilities are especially limited.