Privacy Policy

You won’t need a team of lawyers to understand our privacy policy. We are asking for your name, phone number and e-mail address on our Contact Us form so that we can call you to set up an appointment to talk about how our website designers will be able to work with you. We will go over options and costs in that meeting and we will give you a price quote. Once we understand the project quote you a fair price and that price will be firm.

If you don’t provide this information then we can’t contact you to set up that meeting. If you do give us that information then we won’t give it to anyone else, not now, not ever. We won’t give away, trade, lend or sell your information – never!

Privacy Lock

If we win your business, we will need to learn a good amount about both your industry, your competitors and your business in particular to best serve your needs. None of the information we receive about your business will ever be used in any other way than help make the best possible product we can for you.

We think this simple policy protects your privacy better than any fancy document that a team of lawyers could come up with.

So let’s get started on your website today; our designers are ready! Content Management Systems, e-commerce websites, simple brochure sites, ad banners, we do it all!